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SQL Hosting - SQL Tutorial

SQL Hosting is a web hosting plan featuring one or more SQL databases. Having SQL database backend is essential for most of the modern websites, thatís why almost all web hosting providers offer SQL hosting plans nowadays.

The most commonly used SQL hosting databases are MySQL, MS SQL Server 2000/ MS SQL Server 2005, MS Access and Oracle.

Which SQL database to choose for your hosting?

You can have SQL hosting on both Windows and Linux/UNIX operating systems, but some of the database engines run only on one of them. For example if you want SQL hosting with MS SQL Server 2000/2005 backend, then you need to look for Windows hosting plan, because SQL Server runs only on Windows. If you are looking for MySQL hosting then you are in luck, because MySQL runs on both Windows and Linux. Oracle also runs on both operating systems, but MS Access hosting requires Windows OS.

What are the advantages of SQL hosting?

Having SQL Hosting backend allows for developing robust and scalable web applications, which can handle thousands of visitors daily. When the website content is in a SQL database, itís very easy to search the content for particular keyword or phrase. Having your data in a RDBMS allows for easy management of the content. Also when a website utilizes SQL hosting, the content of the website is separated by its presentation, which makes it really easy to apply design and layout changes.